S.N Chinchilla

Patient – 43 yo female with Candida, Weight loss – unintentional

I went to see Thomas in the end of 2011 because I had been diagnosed with Candida and I had been on strict diet for 6 months to cure that. I had lost too much weight and I needed to gain some back. Also my digestion was not working properly which was probably the problem from the start. Thomas was very effective and supportive, he gave me a few homeopathic remedies to get my digestion working well. When we found the right supplement, it took only a little while to stop the weight loss and me to start slowly gaining back some weight. Thomas used also dry needling [acupuncture] to help my digestion and he was very good at that. I’m no fan of needles but he used them in such a method that it was not painful at all. It was actually quite pleasant and worked well.

Thomas used Hemaview Live Blood Screening to make sure all was going to a plan and he was very knowledgeable with that explaining the results to me, answering patiently all my questions. He also referred me to blood and allergy tests and some nutritional advice by a nutritionist, so he was happy to find all the necessary answers even if it meant using outside resources. He did not want to sell me unnecessary supplements but made sure that I only used the ones that worked and even them only a short period of time. I am now feeling really good, still slowly gaining back my healthy weight and my digestion working better than ever.

I would happily recommend Thomas to anyone with health problems and I truly hopewe can keep him here in Australia!

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