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Chronic Pain Management

Imagine how much more relaxed and at peace you would feel if your brain was sending your body the right signals to reduce pain instead of creating it! That’s what happens when you relax on your Cymatic Resonance Bed®.

How it Works

When our cells vibrate in sync at their optimal frequencies, those chronic pain signals in our brain actually shut off.  Not only that,  unwanted subconscious behaviours (the root cause of the pain) are also cleared from our cellular memory.

Acoustic Restoration Therapy ™ (ART) combines the healing power of music and sound frequency with the blissful sensory depravation of dry floating,

The sensations you feel, have a similar transformative effect as listening to music. Instead of your ears hearing a melody though, it’s your cells experiencing blissful vibrations that create resonance with the chaotic frequencies within your body. 

The Process

At a more technical level, here’s what happens:

  1. Neurons are activated in the corpus callosum stimulating both sides of the brain at once.
  2. Left brain/right brain synchronisation creates a state of balance which influences and coordinates the signals sent to your body;
  3. Chaotically vibrating cells and organs also start to synchronise;
  4. Your brain shifts into a theta state which is a trance-like state of consciousness that helps you access profound states of healing and mental flow …  without subconscious resistance.  
  5. You experience a profound state of relaxation which is a vital part of the process as studies show that chronic pain is worsened by stress, depression or anxiety, and insomnia.

The Benefits

The experience is incredibly relaxing and the results are profound. Many of our clients are pain-free after just one session.We have special programs that can help you to become pain free and to cope with daily life better. 

Listen to some of our clients they had amazing results with this new relaxation technique.

What's Next?

At an initial assessment we’ll perform non-invasive testing to assess your health status and stress levels by measuring electromagnetic waves. Based on the results, we’ll then tailor a treatment plan for you.