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A Support Network at Your Fingertips: 

In our Group, we recognise the emotional and physical upheaval that comes with a cancer diagnosis or mental health issue. Our mission is to lend our shoulder of support by offering diverse care. We understand your struggle against conditions like chronic pain, depression, PTSD and anxiety – you don’t have to go it alone! Together let us explore new paths for healing and restoration of well-being.

What We Offer 

At ENTLE, our members get access to an understanding community of individuals in similar situations ready to offer advice. Whether through online forums or in-person meetings, our members benefit from compassionate conversations and mutual respect. We also offer innovative therapies such as Acoustic Restoration Therapy (ART) to help members cope with their challenges. Our unique relaxation therapy has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms associated with PTSD, depression, and other forms of mental distress caused by cancer or chronic pain. 

Our Community 

Our community is made up of individuals from all walks of life who are united in their struggles with chronic pain or mental health issues. No matter what stage someone is at in their journey towards healing—from recently diagnosed to years into recovery—our members share their stories and experiences openly in order to help each other out. With empathy at its core, our community fosters an environment where judgment doesn’t exist; only understanding and respect do. Our members know they can come together without fear or shame and talk freely about anything they’re going through—safe in the knowledge that they won’t be judged but instead supported every step of the way. 


We believe no one should have to go through the hardship of a cancer diagnosis or mental health issue alone – which is why we provide free and diverse support for those struggling with conditions such as chronic pain, depression, PTSD, anxiety–the list goes on! Not only do members get access to an understanding community of individuals in similar situations ready to offer advice, but they also gain essential coping skills needed when facing many challenges. Through compassion and mutual respect coupled with innovative therapies like Acoustic Restoration Therapy, let us be your shoulder to lean on throughout this journey towards healing – because you don’t have to make it solo! Join us today!

Experience the healing power of ART™

Find out more about this new form of sound therapy in our only-for-member sections. Membership is free for people being referred by our community of Acoustic Restoration Therapy practitioners.

Legal Disclaimer

The information contained within this community is for educational purposes only.  

This community does not, and is not intended to convey medical or mental health advice and does not constitute the practice or offering of any type of medicine or any type of mental health service. You should not rely on this information as a substitute or replacement for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Research provided within this community may change or be updated with or without Thomas’s knowledge. While we have full intention to provide legitimate and valuable vetted research it is up to the reader to discern and act according to their own personal beliefs and intentions.


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