R.F, Brisbane

Patient – 27 yo female with Ovarian Cysts, PMS, Gastrointestinal Disorders

I first came to see Thom in 2010 with a list of serious symptoms, one of the main ones being a menstrual period which left in me in severe pain for days at a time, unable to work or leave the house. Pain medication had no effect and left me very ill. Within a few months of being under Thomas’s care, improvements starting showing, and today I no longer have any of the symptoms I used to experience. At its worst a hot water bottle can quickly resolve any discomfort. I have come a long way with my health and owe it to Thomas for educating me about the importance of nutrition and how to listen to my body. Thomas is honest, trustworthy, and has a genuine passion for healing his clients. He is able to order specific diagnostic tests that GPs cannot provide, and recently cured a chronic stomach bloating problem I had for many years due to one of these tests. I have recommended Thomas to my family, friends and colleagues.

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