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Thermal Imaging

If you’re like most people, when it comes to your state of health, ‘not knowing’ what’s wrong (if anything), can cause anxiety and sleepless nights.

Why am I feeling these symptoms despite tests saying everything is okay?

How serious is it?

Is there something going on inside that I don’t know about?

Thermography, or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) ends the uncertainty. It accurately detects a wide variety of conditions – even before they show up on standard diagnostic tests.

It’s suitable for you if you:

  • Have a diagnosed health condition and you want to monitor its progress;

  • Have worrying symptoms and you’re searching for clarity; or

  • Feeling perfectly healthy and you just want to check to make sure you stay that way.


Thermography highlights thermal abnormalities in the body. These abnormalities are often the earliest sign of vascular disease, immune dysfunction, diabetes, and thyroid dysfunction. It also detects systemic inflammation which is a precursor to many diseases.

An infrared camera takes images (thermograms) of your torso and shows the patterns of heat and blood flow on or near the surface of the body.

It detects:


1. Preparation

To prepare for the exam wear loose clothing, no creams, deodorants, or makeup. No eating or drinking hot or cold foods for two hours prior. No sunburn, no smoking two hours prior and no heavy exercise that day.
advanced thermography examination

2. Examination

The procedure takes 20-45 minutes. Photographs are taken using a special thermal camera in a private, relaxed setting and unlike other types of screening, there’s no touching, compression, or radiation.
advanced thermography preparation

3. Interpretation

All images are interpreted by trained professionals. You receive a report with a full set of images within 2-5 working days. You also receive a follow-up consultation via Skype.
If issues are found, we recommend a treatment plan that may include Acoustic Restoration Therapy™ sessions with programs designed for the specific area of concern,  or we may refer you to an external medical specialist.
advanced thermography interpretation

Make an

advanced thermography
advanced thermography

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