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About Us

After embarking on his own cancer journey, Thomas Staudacher N.D. decided to open his first clinic. 

Today, located in Geebung Qld, and known as Subtle Energy Solutions (IHCNM) the clinic has gained international respect as a multi-disciplinary natural medicine clinic

It’s also the birthplace of the world-first Acoustic Restoration Therapy ™ which helps the body regenerate itself by using the healing power of sound and vibration. 

Owner, Thomas Staudacher N.D. is particularly passionate about supporting people with Cancer after going through his own journey of recovery.  That passion led him to develop special protocols as well as what is now known as the Acoustic Restoration bed and its DNA signalling technique.

Clients fly in from around the country to experience this revolutionary modality. Thomas also consults internationally via telehealth.

The clinic also works with clients on stress management, chronic pain, chronic illness, infertility, and most other health issues in their holistic pain management programs. 

Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their lives free of trauma and stress so they can enjoy a  better quality of life, emotionally and physically 

We do this by providing:

  • Non-drug approaches to pain, anxiety, and stress management
  • Bringing the Acoustic Restoration Beds worldwide to support individuals, families, communities, health centres, mental and physical challenged people in care and aged care facilities.
  • Help the body counteract the side effects of medication or any kind of natural products and medical procedures or injuries.

We all have the power to heal ourselves from within. Connecting with our consciousness (mind) and souls through ]quantum relaxation’ is not only possible, but its healing process can also be life changing. It also is an opportunity for your body and mind-heart connection so you can be at peace no matter what life throws at you.

Our team is working hard to bring this new modern scientific understanding (quantum mechanics) on how we are all connected in our physical forms, mentally and emotionally to everyone.

Our Mission

We bring new quantum energy programs and tools to the world so people everywhere have the chance to allow their body to become part of the healing process again.

The Acoustic Restoration bed and its DNA signalling technique is our flagship solution. It has been designed as an all-in-one revitalisation device that releases deep and transformative energy into our biofield, as well as rewriting the body’s mind and internal database (Blueprint).


“Releasing old negative patterns from your current reality is the key for people suffering from various types of chronic and emotional pain, and psychological ailments.”

Thomas Staudacher