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Personalised Plan After Cancer Treatment – Acoustic Restoration Therapy™

Chemo & Radiation therapy is the most common form of treatment for cancer. It uses aggressive drugs to slow the growth of cancer cells. The long-term side effects usually appear after chemotherapy is finished. Late effects of chemotherapy vary according to the individual, type of cancer, and type of chemotherapy drug used.

What will you experience?

Acoustic Restoration Therapy utilises our body’s intelligence (consciousness) that derives from our organs and cells. Acknowledging that our feelings thoughts and behaviours are partly shaped by the internal signals that arise from our body opens up the possibility of direct cellular stimulation that enables your body to send the right signals to the brain. This new approach has been shown to have a positive impact on the recovery from the side effects and long-term consequences of chemo and radiation therapy.

It is a pleasant and powerful relaxation therapy that helps to re-connect with your core energy (Qi, Prana) and has the ability to change physical, emotional, and mental dysfunctions in health and wellbeing.

The Benefits