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Meet the team

Thomas Staudacher N.D

Naturopath – CEO Subtle Energy Solution

Thomas is the CEO and founder of Subtle Energy Solution.

He is a pioneering practitioner, educator and speaker, writer, inventor, and researcher in the fields of subtle energy (Energy Medicine). 


Thomas is the creator of the world-first, internationally-acclaimed Acoustic Restoration Therapy and the founder of the “International Centre of Holistic Natural Medicine”.


He is also on the Scientific Advisory Board of Life Pharm, a global leader in Epigenetic Nutrition where he educates people around the world on Quantum Energy Medicine.


As an inventor, Thomas has created a DNA RESONANCE SIGNALLING TECHNIQUE based on Clinical and Anthropological research. This system of vibrational patterns was designed to support our core energy (Qi, Prana, Consciousness).


Recent inventions include his unique and patent-pending Acoustic Restoration Bed . It is a revolutionary new way to reduce the side effects of traditional cancer treatments. It works by using sound waves and vibration, so you can feel relief while also getting back on track with living life without feeling weighed down by chronic illness.


Suzanne Roza


Suzanne will make you feel welcome and comfortable upon your arrival, with her endearing smile for everyone, Suzanne uses Natural Medicine herself and has experienced great benefits from it. She loves working in this industry, seeing people reaching their goals and feeling just a little bit better at each visit.

She enjoys, providing clinical thermography, teaching Heart Resonance, and using her certificate in reflexology to support those within the practice. Suzanne has a Diploma in counselling and is inspired and passionate about participating in mediation and mindfulness practices and loves connecting with nature.