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Patient – 35 yo female with Prolonged difficulty conceiving (Infertility)

My Husband and I experienced two devastating miscarriages and then had prolonged difficulty conceiving. We attended a Fertility Specialist and after numerous, invasive procedures, which delivered no answers, we were advised to undertake artificial insemination. After deciding that this was not the path for us, I made an appointment with Thomas Staudacher, in search for an alternative approach. It was the best decision I made because from the very first consultation, I felt confident that with Thomas’ assistance, we would achieve a positive result.

Thomas showed great insight into our situation and his treatments were unique to our individual needs. The Hemaview procedure was particularly eye opening and it wasn’t long until I was feeling better than I had in a long time. Whilst at a consultation with Thomas, he detected that I was pregnant, simply by feeling my pulse. Fortunately he was correct and I am now 15 weeks along and everything is going well. Thomas was even able to give me drops to “burrow” the baby in, so as to avoid further miscarriage. My experience with Thomas has been truly eye opening and I have referred many people to him, who are experiencing all sorts of ailments, not just fertility problems. In fact my 90 year old Grandmother now travels a six hour round trip to see him!

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