E.P. Kallangur

Patient- 75 yo female with Chronic Neck Pain, Restricted Movements

I live in the Outback of Australia in a little Town with 200 people. Visiting my sister in Brisbane I heard about Thomas and I made an appointment with him. I am 75 years old and since 2002 I had only little movement in my neck was not even able to turn it a little bit. I also could not bring my arms up to even brush my hair. After the first appointment with Thomas I had nearly free movement in my neck and I could the first time since 10 years brush my own hair again. We were starting also to work on my hip what is causing me many problems now after the operation.

Due to the distance problem Thomas worked on this problem as well and I will be back again soon after I go and see my sister again. It feels so good to have no more restricted movements especially in my age I am not irritable any more as well and I feel much better. I was first really sceptic what is not a surprise after all this years and hearing from doctors’ only nothing we can do’. Thomas not used only his knowledge with Acupuncture he also used Bioacupuncture what I know recommend to anyone I know. Not only does it not hurt it is really fast and I believe now in Homeopathy what I never did before.

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