J.B. Carseldine

Patient – 65 yo female with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Neuropathy

I have known Thomas Staudacher for several months and have been seeing him weekly for most of that time. My main problems are diabetes, blood pressure, balance (falling over etc.), multiple injuries from a MVA, neuropathy, and kidney transplant. Thomas has worked constantly to find different remedies (including sending away overseas) to help my conditions. I am overjoyed to report they have all worked. My balance has improved and I rarely depend on my stick, my legs which were dark brown, swollen and painful are now a healthier colour and circulations better and not much pain. Sugar levels and blood pressure have both been lowered. Thomas uses acupuncture, per machine herbs and vitamins. I am much fitter and have started walking again.

Thomas your love and dedication to making your patients lives so much healthier and happier is a credit to you. Thank you so much for your time and commitment.

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