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Energetic Detoxification

Energetic Detoxification with Acoustic Restoration Therapy™

After the conclusion of cancer treatments, we strongly recommend that you follow our energetic detoxification program. Here at Subtle Energy Solution (IHCNM), we are aware that some common side – effects from chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatments can leave lasting effects on your system. From brain fog to muscle weakness, from neuropathy to loss of energy and mood swings, side-effects of treatments can last for a considerable time.

Side effects from cancer treatments can be quite serious and we understand how much they affect people. IHCNM wants you to know that our energetic detoxification program will help support your body after the conclusion of chemotherapy or radiation therapy sessions, so it does not suffer long-term consequences due to its side effect on neuropathy, muscle weakness.

What will you experience?

When our energetic system works as a whole (coherence), it has an excellent capacity to support your body and mind to create the perfect healing and restoration environment. Most of all diseases like stress and anxiety are starts in the mind, the mind is the canvas, on which our thoughts are projected, is a part of human consciousness. Mind is the holographic representation of the human body.

Our energetic detox program is based on the principle; is not to rid your body of what you may consider negative emotions, but rather to clear out the ones that have stagnated and gotten stuck, leaving you free to be able to process and experience all your emotions in a healthy way.

Energetic Detoxification with Acoustic Restoration Therapy

Combined with our Epigenetic Nutrition Program is focusing on the way in which food affects patterns of gene regulation and ENTLE™ make this program extremely powerful in the field of Vibrational Medicine.

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