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What is Acoustic Restoration Therapy

Quantum resonance, a term becoming increasingly popular in scientific discourse, refers to a fascinating phenomenon encompassing various fields, including physics, biology, and consciousness studies. Quantum resonance has been linked to many applications, from quantum computing and cellular communication to meditation and healing practices.

Understanding Quantum Resonance

Quantum resonance is a phenomenon wherein a system oscillates at a frequency induced by another vibrating system or external force, triggering a series of quantum events. This process can generate a conscious moment, a perception of awareness, within the system.

Quantum resonance is a captivating phenomenon in which a system oscillates harmoniously with the harmonic frequency induced by an external vibrating system or force. This synchronisation initiates a sequence of intricate quantum events, ultimately giving rise to a conscious moment—an experiential state of awareness. This concept is particularly intriguing in the relationship between ART™, science, and consciousness. In doing so, Acoustic Restoration Therapy becomes a unique conduit for bridging the gap between the abstract world of quantum physics and the tangible realm of human perception and emotion.Top of Form

Quantum Resonance and Acoustic Restoration Therapy

Acoustic restoration therapy leverages the principles of quantum resonance to create a distinctive healing practice. By carefully calibrating harmonic sound frequencies to resonate with the body's natural vibrational patterns, it taps into the quantum phenomenon of synchronization. This resonance promotes a state of balance and harmony within the body, potentially aiding in physical and emotional healing.

Quantum Resonance in Microtubules

The microtubules within cells, cytoskeleton components, are particularly receptive to quantum resonance. These structures can amplify and filter signals, producing a conscious moment that terminates at the collapse of the wave function in space-time geometry. This process is known as the quantum gravity 'objective reduction' process, first suggested by Roger Penrose.

Quantum Resonance and Consciousness

Quantum resonance has been linked to consciousness. A conscious state can be considered a resonant state that triggers learning and cognitive representations in all living organisms. The propagation or coherent flow of consciousness within a cell and the cell in a system is an involuntary process that has existed since the inception of life. However, this process can be enhanced through meditation and healing and relaxation practices like Acoustic Restoration Therapy.

The Power of Meditation, Relaxation and Resonance

Meditation is a self-regulatory practice linked to various psychological and neurophysiological alterations. Studies have shown that meditation can increase activity in the brain's prefrontal cortex, associated with multiple cognitive functions. Thus, meditation can generate enhanced quantum computation within the microtubules of cells, leading to an amplified conscious state.

Quantum Healing and Resonance

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Therapeutic interventions that generate vibrational frequencies, as observed in quantum therapeutic methods or when using a Cymatic Resonance Bed®, have showcased the remarkable capability of resonance. Such techniques can trigger quantum dipole movements, which manage alterations in protein configurations through quantum computational mechanisms such as electron burrowing, dispersion, and superimposing within the microtubules.

Cymatic Resonance Bed and Quantum Healing

A Cymatic Resonance Bed is a tool used in Acoustic Restoration Therapy, a holistic approach to well-being rooted in Biofield science and vibrational medicine principles. This therapy uses sound waves to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities. The Cymatic Resonance Bed generates vibrations that can enhance quantum processes within cells, leading to a heightened state of consciousness and promoting healing.

DNA Resonance Signalling

DNA resonance signalling is another fascinating aspect of quantum resonance. This process involves the transmission of information through vibrational harmonic frequencies. DNA resonance signalling has been proposed as a mechanism for cellular communication and even for the propagation of consciousness.

"Unlock Healing: Our Programs Tune DNA Frequencies for Emotional, Physical Balance"

Our patent in pending programs support clients in managing their emotions, physical body, and spirit. The idea here is that our DNA may have inherent resonance frequencies, and by tuning into these, one can promote healing and balance on various levels.

The Future of Quantum Resonance

Quantum resonance holds immense potential for the future. Its implications reach far beyond physics and biology, touching upon the very nature of consciousness and healing. As we continue to explore this fascinating phenomenon, we may discover new ways to harness its power for health, wellness, and consciousness expansion.

Quantum resonance is a fascinating and complex phenomenon that intersects with various scientific fields. It has significant implications for our understanding of consciousness and offers promising potential for healing practices. As we continue to explore and understand this phenomenon, we may uncover new ways to harness its power, transforming our approach to health, wellness, and consciousness expansion.

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Amino acids are important for many structures and functions


Amino acids are important for many structures and functions

Amino acids are important for many structures and functions

Scientists describe three types of amino acids:

Do you know Laminine contains all 22 amino acids?

Laminine contains substantial proteins and a full array of amino acids. In the Laminine formulation, the fertilized

avian egg extract is very high in free amino acids. In addition, other unique growth factors, antioxidants, and immune factors round out the exceptional formula. It has a complete profile of all the essential and non-essential amino acids in a natural, non-synthetic form. Laminine has been further fortified with naturally occurring simple protein from pea and marine sources and is a perfect protein supplement.

Amino acid supplementation can enhance strength and increase muscle mass during workout
or exercise

Amino acid and protein supplementation with easily assimilated proteins has been shown in numerous studies to enhance muscle strength and build muscle. Free amino acids and simple proteins can be absorbed quickly and enter the bloodstream especially on a fairly empty stomach.
A large analysis of 22 studies totaling 680 subjects showed that both trained and untrained subjects could increase both muscle mass and strength by consuming supplemental simple proteins and/or amino acids. When individuals took protein supplements 30-60 minutes prior to, or again 30-60 minutes after, the workout or resistance exercise for six weeks, results showed increased gains in muscle mass and in strength as measured by leg press strength.

How does taking protein while exercising increase muscle mass and strength?

When the amino acids enter the bloodstream and flow to the muscle fibers during exercise, they are incorporated into the muscle fibers (type I and type II fibers).1 Trained and untrained subjects, both young and older individuals, experienced the effects as compared to individuals who took placebo, such as carbohydrate drinks or water. The amount of protein consumed prior to exercise training was equivalent to nine to 15 Laminine capsules.

Does amino acid supplementation help older athletes perform better?

A recent study of 22 women “masters” athletes (ages 52-54 years) who rode in bicycle competitions were evaluated. The group that supplemented with the alanine amino acid for 28 days showed increased cycling performance as measured by the time to become exhausted, and by greater work output.3 Lactic acid was found to clear much faster from the blood in the amino acid supplemented group as compared to placebo. Lactic acid is the acid produced during strenuous exercise that causes muscle soreness and stiffness.3 Solution for Healthy Aging: Take Laminine As people age, they become frail. They lose muscle mass and their bones become condensed over time. They have been found to be more prone to infections that become serious. One reason is that as aging occurs, digestion and absorption are impaired. Nutrients from food, including proteins, are not absorbed as well as when younger. Elderly people also may not eat as much food as when they were younger. There is loss of muscle mass—partially due to the aging process and less exercise overall. Studies with elderly people who were given supplemental protein and amino acids showed a gain in muscle mass 2. Studies have also shown that elderly people supplemented with protein and amino acids can ward off infections better and if they become sick, it is not as severe. For example, influenza virus effects are lessened. This is important to their overall health. 2 Taking Laminine is such a simple solution for obtaining all the amino acids the body needs. The capsules are easy to swallow and can also be opened up and sprinkled on food or mixed in smoothies, yogurt, and beverages. Regardless of whether you’re an aspiring athlete or simply trying to
get the protein and amino acids your body needs for optimal functioning, taking Laminine is the practical and cost-effective way to boost your health.